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Ryan – Wollongong

Ryan – Wollongong

I had been paying off my investment property for several years, and making additional repayments. However, I figured that my interest rate of 5.2% was too high, and as a shift worker, I didn’t have the time to look for a better option. A friend was getting their first home loan through Bee Finance Savvy, and recommended that I give them a call. Even though my home loan was relatively small, I was still able to secure a better interest rate through the bank that Bee Finance Savvy organised for me. They even showed me that the cost of my old loan over 30 years, would have ended up costing me $20,000 more than the new loan which was arranged. I was very pleased with the savings, and found the entire process very convenient, as I was able to communicate with my loan specialist through email and text messages, when it wasn’t possible for me to take their calls.
The convenience and flexibility in working with Bee Finance Savvy really helped me with my busy schedule.

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