Interested in Refinancing Your Property?

Are you looking to refinance your property to achieve a better interest rate? This could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest in each year. This is particularly the case, if you have taken out your home loan some time ago, as lenders often change their rates for new customers, in order to attract business.

The amount that you owe, compared to the value of your property can also make a difference regarding which interest rate you may be eligible for, as can the size of your loan.

It’s important to get the right combination for you, when looking to refinance your property, by comparing loan size, loan to value ratio, and your individual financial circumstances, in order to provide you with a great fit with a new lender.  It is also handy to compare your requirements, and any loan features, that can be involved with your refinance.

We can assist you with this and all of your refinance questions. Contact us to find out more about the true cost of your loan, and to discuss your requirements.

We assist Home Loan and Refinance Customers all across Australia.

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